A Day In The Life


So, it is no secret that my favorite form of social media is Instagram. I love seeing snippets of peoples lives and their families throughout the day. It’s way better than Facebook because I get the pictures without all the political rants and candy crush requests. I figured that since we have several new mamas… 

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Our “Love” Story Pt. 2


So let’s see, where did we leave off….. Channing and I’s falling out. {If you need to play catch up, Read Part 1 Here} The falling out wasn’t pretty, and for almost 2 years we didn’t speak. We call them the lost years. What we didn’t know during our time apart is that we were… 

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Our “Love” Story Pt. 1

photo 2

Yes it’s Monday and no there is no vlog this week. #sorrynotsorry Instead, we have decided to share with you a little love story. Now before you prepare yourselves for a grand romantic story, you should just know that our love story isn’t all that traditional. 1) Because it all started in a bathroom 2)… 

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