So Channing and I say often, like seriously all.the.time. that we like to keep things real. We let our real weirdness shine through in lovely videos. We confess to our judgmental ways, and we try very hard to be mamas that you can relate to. We  try to do this so we can feel like… 

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When I Was The Perfect Mom


When I Was The Perfect Mom…… I know what you must be thinking. That I have completely lost my mind thinking I was ever the perfect mom, but you would be wrong. Once upon a time, I was the perfect mom. That time however, was BEFORE I HAD KIDS. Last week my friend Kristin and… 

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Child Safe Blind Makeover

Child Safe Blind and Shade Makeover

Since moving into our house oh… 3 years ago we have been making constant changes to our home. Like most new home owners we have painted, bought new furniture etc. and made the house work for us. Last month I shared with you our Family Command Center that we created in our main living area…. 

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Houston We Have A Pollo


Friends, the time has come and the day is finally here…..HOUSTON WE HAVE A POLLO. You may remember last month when we shared our amazing experience at an early tasting of El Pollo Loco and how we were so excited for them to be the answer to our weeknight dinners for when we are busy… 

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