Birthday Wish List


Today is September 1 which means that in just 12 short days I will be celebrating my Birthday! The big 3-3. Is that even a thing? Probably not. Getting older really isn’t that exciting when you are an adult. I shared my thoughts on getting older last year and imparted some of my “old lady”… 

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Americans Try British Candy


The mini me’s have been begging for some long overdue camera time and we finally agreed (aka got our acts together and filmed a video). They wanted to do the Americans Try British Candy since that is apparently a thing on the You Tubes, we went out and got some candy from the good ol’ UK… 

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5 Movies I Never Get Sick Of


I have always found it funny, or maybe the word I am looking for is ironic, but when my kids insist on watching a movie for the bazillionth time  (Frozen on repeat for a solid 6 months straight) it makes me want to pull my hair out. Why is this funny? It’s funny because I… 

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All Moms Are Equal

All Moms Are Equal 2

*Disclaimer: This is a warning, this post will put it all out there with no holding back. We love all moms no matter how many kids, breast feed or not, all moms are equal! Moms! What are we doing? Even more specifically, Mom Bloggers…what are WE doing? It is time we have a heart to… 

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Dear Kindergarten Mom

Dear Kindergarten Mom 2

Dear Kindergarten Mom, Good morning! Let me be the first to congratulate you on getting here. I am sure you probably stayed up all night running this morning’s events through your head. You checked everything off your list at least 3 times to make sure you have it all covered. You have thought over and… 

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