The Newlywed Game BFF Edition

Happy Monday and welcome to the Newlywed Game for people who are not Newlyweds but just friends! Today we are finding out some truths about each other. Here’s to hoping we don’t make each other mad and remain friends at the end of this video. Just kidding! We will still be friends….. Have a great… 

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A Birthday Shout Out to my Flend

Happy Birthday Michelle

I had this grand idea to announce that this is Michelle’s birthday week  but she already went there in her last post (which was awesome btw) and ruined my grand plan. But, nonetheless I will not deprive you of a love letter to my friend on her birthday. She deserves it you know! Michelle, Wow,… 

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Thoughts On Getting Older


Remember when you were little and Birthdays were something you looked forward to? That getting older was totally awesome and the second your Birthday came and went you were ready to count down until the next year.   {First Birthday cuteness at Chuck E Cheese} What is it about being an adult that makes us… 

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A Peek into MWOA’s Search Engine

A Peek Into Search Engines

Happy Monday friends! Aren’t Mondays just glorious. (cue all sighs and eye rolling here) It is Monday and typically around here that means its time for a video. Yes, we have been slacking lately but last night, sleep deprived and all we shot this little gem. One of our goals here at MWOA is to… 

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Potty Training Boys


Potty Training. It is something I have been DREADING since the arrival of the twins. Mainly because potty training Megan was r-o-u-g-h. And, the thought of having to potty train TWO  makes me all kinds of anxious. The last several weeks however, they have been expressing interest in the potty. Not only have they been… 

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Patient Parenting


“Hurry”. “Faster”. “Move”. All words you will hear me shout in the morning while getting my crew ready for school. There is something about school mornings that simply stress. me. out. I have never considered myself a patient person, but it wasn’t until just recently that I realized just how bad I have gotten. I… 

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