$125 PayPal Cash Giveaway

$125 PayPal Cash Giveaway

Hey everybody! Next up in giveaways to help celebrate Pretty Providence and their 3rd blog birthday is an amazing $125 PayPal Cash Giveaway! A little extra cash never hurt anybody, am I right? Whether you need some cash because times are tight or you are gonna splurge on something fun, this giveaway is for you!… 

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The “S” Word


Buckle up mamas, we are fixing to get a little personal. Today we are gonna talk about the “S” word. And no, I am not talking about shut up or stupid. Today, let’s talk about S-E-X. Yup, I said it. Sex. More importantly let’s talk about sex with your spouse after kids. Let’s take a little… 

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$500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway


Hello friends! We are so excited for today. Our friends at Pretty Providence celebrate their 3rd blog birthday this week and to celebrate we have joined them in doing an amazing $500 Amazon gift card giveaway! Y’all $500, and to Amazon! Who does not love receiving an awesome gift from Amazon at their front door?… 

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Help Us Thrive

Thrive Blog Conference

Happy Monday!! We are still recovering and soaking in all the awesomeness that was Thrive Blog Conference. We had a jam packed Friday and Saturday learning and networking and just enjoying ourselves with fellow bloggers. We had SO much fun and of course learned so much that we can’t wait to put into practice. Which… 

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Easy DIY Vinyl T-Shirts

Easy DIY VInyl T-shirts

I am super excited to share this fun little project with you guys! Every time I turn around, I am in need of another shirt for my girls for some kind of holiday or event. The only problem, CUTE holiday shirts can cost you an arm and a leg and by the time I run… 

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Must Have Apps For Moms


Alright mamas, get yourself a cup of caffeine and get comfy because today we are gonna chat about something important. Let us not pretend that we don’t live in a world where our phones pretty much control our lives. It is 2015, and it is what it is. While I do believe there is such a… 

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Mom’s Night Off


Good morning mamas. Hope your Monday is off to, well, let’s be honest if you are out of bed today you are already winning. Monday’s are tough. Today we want to chat with you for a minute, or really plead with you all. We always appreciate a good ol’ Moms Night Out, in fact lately we have had… 

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Top 6 Diaper Bags from REAL Moms

Top 6 Diaper Bags

Happy Friday Momma friends! We hope this week has treated you well. Early this week, Michelle posted some much needed How-to on Concealing the Bags Under Your Eyes.  We shared the post far and wide and our favorite response of all was from you all asking for a different post, a post still about bags… 

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Mom Makeup: How To Conceal The Bags Under Your Eyes

Conceal Your Under Eye Bags

Let’s get real for a moment mamas and talk about bags. And sadly I don’t mean the Kate Spade and Louis Vuitton variety. Nope, we are talking about the baggage under your eyes. Sleep deprived, over booked schedule, binge watching Netflix until the wee hours…. Whatever the reason all mamas have them. So the question at… 

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The Competitive Games


Goooooooood Morning mamas. Today let’s chat competition. This subject can be a little taboo. There is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, but what about the competitive games we play as parents? You know the ones….when we pit children against one another in some kind of weird twisted battle of the children? And not… 

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