Our “Love” Story Pt. 1

photo 2

Yes it’s Monday and no there is no vlog this week. #sorrynotsorry Instead, we have decided to share with you a little love story. Now before you prepare yourselves for a grand romantic story, you should just know that our love story isn’t all that traditional. 1) Because it all started in a bathroom 2)… 

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Toddler Talk Part 2

Toddler Talk 2

We are back this week with our second edition of Toddler Talk! This week we have another super cute special guest, Megan (Michelle’s Megan). This kid is one of the funniest I know and this video just begins to capture her funniness. Well there she is folks, another funny kid with some darn things to… 

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The Rules Of Toddlerhood


My twins are almost 21 months old and they don’t really have that big of a vocabulary, so it always amazes me that two of the words they know and use on a daily basis are “No” and “Mine”. Isn’t it funny how kids just know these things? At first I was a little alarmed… 

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